"Hello, just wanted to drop by and leave my review of Neil's method. I have purchased it one week ago, so I had ample time to review and test it.

The method is, as the title claims, simple but profitable. The method has worked, works, and will continue to work as long as the markets do not change on a fundamental level, so have no fear the method is always viable.

People who know a thing or two about trading after seeing the method will feel that they already know this, but the most important thing is you get a clear explanation on how, when, and for how long to use the information that you may or may not already know. And that alone is worth the cost of the WSO. And if after watching all the videos you still are unsure how to do what was explained to you, then you can count on great support from Neil, who is very responsive and helpful.

All in all, the method works and that is the most important thing. And after you start using it you will only become better and more comfortable trading it, which can only help you."
Adrian, Romania

"I'm dropping by to review Neil's Binary Options
training system.


I don't have much time but I'll try to make it as
detailed as possible.

Where do I begin?

This system is as close to SIMPLE PERFECTION
you'll get.

Bold statement?

Consider Forex Currencies...

...you need to learn and KNOW a lot to trade

I know this for a FACT because I USED to do
it successfully.

To do it profitably you need to know...

...Candle Stick Formations (Engulfing, doji, etc)

...indicators (Bollinger, Alligator, MACD, etc)

...Chart Formations (Double Top/Bottom, Head
n' Shoulders)

Pivots...Fibonacci...How to set profit targets,
Stop Losses and limits. How to CALCULATE
those targets, etc.

Like I said...it's a LOT!

Binary Options?

Neil teaches ONE strategy based on old school
trading that has worked and will ALWAYS work
since trading began.

He teaches a BASIC strategy...but do NOT let
that fool you.

For it's the basics that make you money.

With all the stuff I had to learn in Forex...when
I traded on the BASICS, I made great money.

Everything else is a DISTRACTION folks.

We humans have a habit of making simple,

Your initial reaction will be, "It CAN'T be this

And then you'll laugh and say, "But it makes

With Forex I had to Demo trade for 3 months.

With this I am only demo trading for the sake
of getting accustomed to my brokers platform.

I've seen other courses...and what do they do?

They tell you "For xx amount of dollars you get
5 trading systems..."

But I don't WANT 5 freaking systems to trade.

I just need ONE to focus on and I want the best

That's it!

People are bombarded with too many choices and
ideas to trade, and when you get into the market
every day with a different strategy and approach,
you will NOT make money.

But it's not the buyers fault.

It's these smart-ass traders who are telling people
"Well, you can pick whatever system fits your


F**k that! I want the system that makes MONEY!

What does it matter if my personality prefers to
trade 4-hour charts vs. 15 minute?

If one makes more money than the other...I only
care about THAT one. I can ADAPT!

Neil gives you ONE system to focus on and that's

None of this, "Well, try this...and this...and this..."
While I'm losing money and time in the process
'trying a bunch of systems that may or may not

He get ONE...and that's ALL you'll need to make
a lot of money SAFELY and CONSISTENTLY.


...this is so good I honest-to-God wish i could
share it with you all so there will BE no doubt in
your mind.

...but Neil DESERVES to be paid for this...in fact
he deserves more.

$335 is nothing compared to how quickly I'll earn
it back in 2-3 weeks trading conservatively.

That's how I know he's doing this for us from the
heart and spirit.

This Course is the most UNSELFISH Course I've seen
and may ever see.

He doesn't stand to earn much money doing this
...at all.

He can easily make what I paid him in 1 or 2 hours
of trading without ever dealing with customers.

And even if he was raking it in with this...good...
but he STILL makes more trading.

He's doing this to help us all.

I meditated and prayed for a simple way to make
$10,000/monthly in profits...and then this comes
along 'out of no where' in ALL places...the Warrior
Forum...the place full of IMer's who are known to
hate ANYTHING trading related.

To end this long review...

For me, this is a gift from God.

I asked for simple, easy and quick...and I got it.

I deleted ALL other courses...cleaned out my hard drive,
deleted everything Internet Marketing related and
gave trading my undivided attention.

This is one of the most expensive courses...

...but my God...it's such a small barrier of entry
to begin building wealth for yourself and family

Neil isn't asking for enough.

There's just little reason to demo trade longer
than 1 or 2 weeks because the system is that
damn simple and easy to apply.

You'd have to be the most timid individual to
not be confident enough after 1 - 2 weeks of
demo trading.

On Jan 6 I'm trading live...

My Goal?

$175,000 this year in profits.

That's trading conservatively. Not taking out
profits to spend money like Rockefeller. Re-investing
profits. Keeping my trades at 5% of my account
and only taking trades according to my set-up.

So much for quick review, eh?

It's important he knows this is helping people
and changing their lives. For it's that that motivates
him most, not the money. So I'll keep my end
of the deal...because I'm happy to do so

Okay, gotta' gol"
Joe Benjamin, USA

"I would like to chime in and say that this is profitable stuff. Given the system is followed through, with patience and dedication you will come out on top. I have been using newbies system successfully, and though I havent been consistent I always came out ahead."
Lani So'o, Kula, Maui

"Just went through Module 1.

I must say, it really is making me excited.

I am into odds and all those "betting" stuff.

This trading is simple to the extend where it is like a bet, select your choice, choose the amount and "bet" or in Binary Options "buy the contract".

That is why i understand how some people see this as gambling.

But heck man. As long as it works if you ask me.

Call it whatever you want. As long as it is legit and it pays me!

Will be going through Module 2 soon.

Be back again soon.

Neil, good stuff man."
John Mcclaire, UK

"Alright back with module 2 review.
A bit of delay as i was busy playing around with module 1 on demo.
And man i must say, module 1 itself rocks!
Seriously its awesome.
Day 1 i had 4/6 right.
Day 2 i had 5/7 wins.

So far so good.

Gone through module 2 but not yet used module 2.
Module has lots of live trading where Neil explains his rationale behind every trade.
He brings your through step by step and you get to see hours of him trading plus market movement.
He analyses the market and tell you what will happen first then fast-forward before your very eyes and see how the market pans out.
Its so interesting."

John Mcclaire, UK

"I will say this to all internet marketers...(making money online/online business)

...if you want financial independence with the LEAST
bit of concern about competition...

...dealing with charge backs and fussy clients.

...spending your advertising dollars with no promise
of a return

...or spending your precious days in front of a screen
hoping for sales to trickle through and stressing about
if your marketing efforts will pay off or be wasted...

Study, focus and make Binary Options your business
(if you want to call it that) of choice.



...when I quit Forex trading years back, not because
I wasn't making money (I made thousands)...but b/c
I thought I could earn MORE (I was also greedy)...


My youth, naivety and immaturity play a role, too.

What I'm saying is this...

...even with trading CURRENCIES on the FOREX

...you have better odds at creating WEALTH...in the
TOUGHEST market of all financial marketers...

...then you do making a genuinely GREAT living in ANY
kind of home business, online or off.

That's saying a lot because...

...I don't recommend Forex to ANYONE without a bank
roll of at least $15,000 to get started AND experience
in other less riskier marketers such as Binary Options.

As challenging as trading currencies was on the Forex
market was for me...

...it was 100x...and I repeat...ONE HUNDRED TIMES...
tougher to make my first nickle with online marketing/
home based online business.

Here's why:

The variables in online home business is UNKNOWN.

You can work your tail off in the RIGHT direction and
STILL get little no results.

Luck, in fact, DOES play a factor.

If you're making money as an online marketer...you
are at the mercy of the marketplace.

If enough people invade your space, profits dwindle
and you're constantly having to figure out ways to
outsmart competition.

This alone is incredible stressful to the human body.

In the markets, BO in particular, you're not competing
against anyone.

Your results is based on YOUR rules, discipline and
training. Not on whether or not someone wants to take
your top spot so they can feed their family, too.


...there are so many unknowns that, no matter how
thorough someones directions are for THEIR success

...in MOST cases, unless they're GIVING you their
business, it can NOT be duplicated.

I've had successful online marketing campaigns that,
no matter how thorough *I* was about my system...
few people if ANYONE could COPY my success.

And we hear that all the time, right?

"COPY this PROVEN Step-By-Step Formula To My
$870 Per Month System On Auto-Pilot"

And, in MY experience, the system IS genuine and
people ARE 'spilling the beans' so to speak.

So WHY, out of 100's, even THOUSANDS of buyers
are there not more than a handful of SUCCESSFUL
buyers of said proven system if at ALL in MOST cases?

As much as we like to place blame on the product
creator for not being original or omitting information

...the problem is simply that people are not only
coming into buying the product with different skills...
...they have different mindsets...goals and capabilities.

In other words, there is NO COMMON GROUND!

...there lacks a universal foundation.

Online marketing...hell, ANY marketing or business
for that matter lacks a COMMON FOUNDATION for
people to stand on because so much depends on

Trading, Binary Options in particular, relies on SKILL
FAR more than luck.

Forex trading does as well for that matter. I've done


I don't care where you are in the world, there is NO
language barrier.

The charts and economic reports are not 'different'
because of your environment.

The markets won't move any which way differently
because of our time zone.

...and the predictable nature, with training and skill
Neil offers, is consistent across the board no matter
WHAT your background, race or religion.

I could show this to my teenage cousin as easily
as my Aunties, Uncles, Brother, Sisters and friends.

The financial markets are as impartial to me as it is
to you.

In all my years experience in business on BOTH sides
of the coin, trading is the MOST consistent and reliable
way to make serious money with little to NO risk.

If you want to gamble, try implementing and 'trying'
one of those other offers you bought after you've told yourself for the
hundredth time 'NO MORE BUYING - TAKE ACTION!"

After losing your shirt you'll be back at square one.

With Neil's Binary Options system you're getting a
universal foundation.

It's as predictable as gravity so long as, like gravity,
you follow it's RULES.

Jump off a 50 story building and you die.

Risk 100% of your capital in the markets and you
go bust.

It's that simple. So yes there IS risk, but compared
to ANY business, offline, online or otherwise in the

...Binary Options (or trading forex for the more experienced)
is the LEAST risky and MOST profitable business you
will discover in this lifetime next to striking it rich
with oil in your backyard.

Thanks for reading."
Joe Benjamin, USA

"Just so you guys know......Neil is a very helpful man.

I sent him a few demo trade screenshots
I took just 2 days ago using his system
for him to look at.

So you will definitely get AFTER support.

And you should take advantage of that.

Here's a successful trader you can follow
who's actually DOING it.

I knew he was the real deal just reading
through his posts and thread because I
used to trade Forex part-time and made
good money.


I instantly know the con artists from the
real players in the game.

I knew it before purchasing this system,
and he more than confirmed it after.


...all those YouTube videos talking about
earning $500+ in less than an hour...

...CAN be possible.

...with proper training, focus, experience,
and control.

But what those scammers are doing are
recording their BEST trading day and
marketing it as if it's a AVERAGE day to
sell YOU on opening a brokerage account
with YOUR hard earned money...just so
YOU can lose it all and THEY earn $300+

The affiliate wins. The broker wins. And
YOU lose.

You rarely see the loses...

...you never hear them talk about risk.

...you never hear them talk about fear &
greed and how you must control them.

...you never hear them talk about PATIENCE.

...and you NEVER hear them mention any
kind of work ethic and preparation BEFORE
a trade is made.

All they show you is a result.

But this is foolish.

Do you watch a soccer game and
immediately think you can play like Beckham?

It's amazing and entertaining to watch
some ones results from a process...

...but would you be equally entertained
watching the process before results?

Only if you were dedicated to succeed.

And that's the way trading works.

Those robots and trade signal services leave
you handicapped.

They feed on your gullibility like a parasite.

I do find it odd how quick people buy Robots,
trade signal services and empty promises of
fast riches...

...but when someone comes along who's
skin is IN the game profiting from trading
the right way...

...they wonder if it's a scam or a catch.

I think the paradox there is...

...interesting and confusing to me."
Joe Benjamin, USA

"Joe --

VERY well said, as usual (I didn't want to reproduce the whole post here, but it was a beauty!).

For the record, I got in touch with Joe also, but only AFTER I had already purchased (but still, I want to respect his time. And Neil's, of course). Introduced myself as a fellow 'Neil-ite', and asked for a little clarification on some things he was doing.

You have both been very helpful -- I really appreciate that.

This is just a public 'thank you' to Neil and Joe. And now that I have, I will also mention that I will not answer any PMs about this course unless you have already purchased from Neil.

Until that time, well... Joe pretty much covered it in his statement. Read it again, if needed!!"

Dan Spingola

"Last week I started at $200 (3/3/14).Ended the week at $300 (3/7/14).

$100 profit.

My goal was initially $100 per week on
a $200 trade account.

Goal accomplished

Although it took roughly 4 weeks to get
a hang of the system, trade rules, platform,

Today, I earned $33.60 in 20 trades.

I generally trade 10 - 20 trades daily,
and no more.

My day starts at 6:00 a.m EST.

I conclude that this start time is the BEST
time to trade, and you should be finished
by 10 - 12:00 for a 4 to 6 hour trade day
depending on how often you trade.

I earned $33.60 over a 5 hour time span.

My experiences:

1. Sometimes you'll wait for one signal,
then suddenly you'll get '3 or 4' signals
in a row.

I missed two possible winners because I
couldn't get to them in time while making
another trade.

I got good at catching most, though.


I'll have the pair and investment amount
ready on my platform BEFORE I get the
actual buy or sell signal.


I'm not wasting precious time looking for
the pair, putting in the investment amount,

It's already 'pre-set' so all I click is 'invest'
when the signal takes place.

You have literally milliseconds to place a
trade before it's too late, so this set-up

2. I make EVERY trade on EVERY signal,
no exceptions.

I don't wonder or guess if a trade will be
a winner or not. I don't care. I just focus
on taking the opportunity when given.

I trust my self, my system and my rules.

3. Play to WIN!

The ONLY way you make money is if you
take EVERY signal given.

I can't stress this enough.

You WILL come out profitable ONLY if you
follow the system EXACTLY and make the
trade regardless how you feel it might turn

Sometimes you'll be in the money seconds
before it goes out of the money, and vice

4. Get a GREAT nights sleep. A full 7 - 8
hours BEFORE trading.

You MUST be sharp before going into the
markets. If not, you will miss signals, mis-
interpret signals, chart the wrong lines, etc.

5. You must be focused and disciplined.

How do you develop focus and discipline?


I lift heavy and work out a lot.

If you want muscle, you MUST have discipline.

There are no shortcuts.

So it is so with trading.

Lifting weights also boosts testosterone
so you have almost a 6th sense and time
slows down while trading.

It's like when Spiderman's senses are tingling.

If you lack discipline in your life in ANY way
now...you will NOT make money trading.

If you have the discipline to train your body,
it naturally translates to discipline of the mind.

In conclusion...

...there's nothing like making $33 in 4 hours
for listening to music and clicking a few buttons.

In comparison...

When I had a $10 an hour job, I had to work
roughly 6 hours of mind-numbing labor...

...taking orders from some asshole on a power

...constantly on 'edge' of making a mistake
that could cost me my job (lost of income)...

...being 'forced' to work with people I would
NEVER care to be around in personally (and
dealing with them rather I like it or not)...

...the f**king rush hour traffic back and forth.

...having half of my check stolen by Uncle
Sam before I even touch the money and have
the chance to invest it to GROW it.

...having to kiss ass or do favors to 'move up'
financially in the company.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

In comparison...

...I look FORWARD to waking up in the morning
because I know I'm going to make at least 10%
on my account in profit.

Although I made $33, I will be doubling my
trade amount to $20/per trade after this week
, so that same $33 suddenly turns into $66,
double that and it turns into $132 on a $40/
per trade investment.

Double that and you're making $200 - $240
on average making only 5 - 10% on your account
per day.

And I didn't have to do ANY extra work or
degrade myself as a man to do it.

Although I'm not in control of the markets, I
don't need to be.

The markets are 'free' and open to anyone
with a little creativity, a lot of HEART, drive
and determination to WIN

You see...

...it's easy to look at the possibilities of making

...but it's a whole different experience when
YOU are the one making that money.

Some of you might get excited about this post
and WISH you could do this.

...and you can.

...but will you?

You have to CHOOSE success. And go get it!

Anyone can talk a good game, put can you play

To the rest of you...


There is NOTHING else like it that allows you
to leverage your money in such a way that
you can QUIT your day job in as little as 3
months or less if you're TRULY ambitious as
I am!

Joe Benjamin, USA

"I would also respectfully add......some brokers may try to 'sway' you
away from trading YOUR system for
their 'better' system if you only deposit
a few thousand more than you planned.They'll subtly try to make you fearful
of using your system (Neil's System),
and lead you think theirs is profitable
and that they're out to help you make

This may be true, but stick to your

They're system MAY be good...and it
MAY be more profitable (although I
highly doubt it -- Neil's system is as
profitable as ANY good Binary Options
trader will get)...

...but the reason why you don't want
to bother with any signals like Neil said
or make trades according to someone
else's signal is because it takes power
away from you...

...and puts YOUR financial future in
their hands.

It's tempting to take a deal that GIVES
you trading signals that can make you
gobs of money...

...but you pay the price for laziness and
short-cutting the process of learning how
to trade for yourself.

You will benefit initially...

...until the trader gets cocky, arrogant,
or simply decides not to offer the service

Then what?

Suddenly your income stopped and 2
months prior you quit your job thinking
you found the holy grail."

Joe Benjamin, USA