Brokers That We Personally Use and Recommend
Now, we understand that choosing the right broker is crucial in your success in Binary Options. Finding a broker is easy, choosing the RIGHT one can be a daunting task, sieving through all the information and reviews online. Not to mention the fake reviews with hidden agendas. (Like earning affiliate commissions from brokers when you sign up) Here at FME, we make it a point to ask for a revenue share in our “affiliate commissions”. Why? Because we know that our stuff works, and that our members will make it, not only for the near future but also in the long run. Thus it only makes sense for us to do so as we are confident with our educational courses.
Bonuses & Special Arrangements Just For FME Members

Now, we also understand that there are lots of fear about taking broker’s bonuses. You may choose not to take it by all means, it is totally up to you. But this is what we think : If you are serious about making money through binary options, put aside an amount for this and take the worst case scenario, don’t expect to see this amount anytime soon, be it losing all or slowly snow balling your account. Why do I say that? There are 3 kinds of people who go into binary options.

  • People who invest X amount, made some money thereafter quickly withdrawing part of it.
  • Some invest X amount, loss some money, then panic and give up thus withdrawing the left over capital.
  • And then there’s the smart people who puts in X amount, comfortable losing [all], then give it your best shot all the way.

Now you have to decide which category you want to be in. And for the record, I belong to the last category. There is nothing wrong with the 1st two categories, but let me explain the differences. In the 1st category, if you withdraw your money too early before allowing your equity to grow, it actually reduces your “buffer” which helps you stay in the game IF you do have a losing streak in future. Thus withdrawing too early may potentially harm your success in trading BO. 2nd category are people who give up too easily without giving themselves enough opportunity to learn from live trading and as a results before one gains the experience he gives up.
So if you belong to these 2 categories that I’ve just mentioned, then pls DO NOT take any bonuses.

But if you’re like me, I put aside an amount for something, I do not intend to take it back anytime soon [considering the worst case], giving myself the space, time and opportunity to learn as much as possible whether I make it or not.

The other thing that sets the last category apart from the rest is fear. The mindset of the last category is different from the rest. Because you set aside an amount which you are comfortable losing at worst case scenario, you release yourself from the fear of losing. In the 1st 2 category of people, they focus too much on winning and have a fear of losing. This is very dangerous as this mindset can derail your trading. Like the famous saying goes “you can only succeed if you aren’t afraid of failing”. So free yourself from the fear, the pressure and the mindset that you cannot lose.


The key is to set aside an amount you are comfortable with and most importantly an amount you can afford to lose, be okay in the worst case scenario to lose all of it.

So for the last category, since we’re in it to win it, all the way, we do not need to be worried about taking those bonuses from the broker. In fact it gives us MORE edge, it provides more “buffer” to stay in the game longer than what your initial investment permits, and the best part is if you do make it, it is literally FREE money because once you've meet their turn over volume requirement, the money is yours to withdraw.

We will look at this again later on.

For now here are the special arrangements we manage to get for our members who sign up under us.

F M E Members

* Welcome Deposit Bonus as per normal.

** Risk Free Trade : Get 1 trade RISK FREE up to $1000 worth !
[ie - You win you keep the money, you lose it'll be refunded to your balance]

Others Outside FME

*Welcome Deposit Bonus are as follow:​

​ $250 to 499 = 20% (30x)
$500 to 999 = 30% (30x)
$1,000 to 2,499 = 40% (30x)
$2,500 to 4,999 = 50% (50x)
$5,000 above = 100% (50x)

How long till bonus strings become detached?

Okay so let’s crunch some numbers now.
Taking a bonus of $500 with a $500 deposit will get you a $1,000 account to start off with.
But you will have a trading volume requirement of $10,000 to fulfill.
It may seem daunting, but it really isn’t.
Let’s take a look at how easy it is to meet them.
In our course, you will see that we open an average of 10 trades per day with $25 contracts.
This will give you a trading volume of $250 per day.
$10,000 divide by $250 will give you 40 days. (40 trading days which is around 2 months)
It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, as long as you open a trade, it counts towards your trading volume.

Let's see what that means to you in terms of profits..
Total trades made : 10(per day) X 40(days to fulfill req) = 400 trades
With our strategy's average winning rate of 84.9% you would have made 339(round down) winning trades.
Total amt loss : 61 x $25 = $1,525
Total amt won : 339 x $25 x 77.5%(avg returns per trade) = $6,568
Total net profit (withdraw'able) : $6,568 - $1,525 = $5,043

So at the end of 40 days trading this, you would have cleared the requirement with a profit of over $5k that you can withdraw!

​All this is base on $25 contracts all the way.
If you increase your base contract after getting the hang of things, you will be able to hit the volume requirements even earlier and with a higher net profit at the end.

If we add in another broker to our panel, we suggest that if you have the funds, sign up for both and make use of their Risk Free Trades offered by both brokers. Maximize our special arrangements with them to your advantage.
P.S - If you see a $5 note and a $50 note on the floor, which would you pick? I'd say "why not both!"

Recommended Brokers by FME
  • Max contract : $200,000
  • Demo account upon request
  • Up to 100% bonus.
  • Lowest contract : $24
  • Non-US Traders Only
  • Bonus terms and conditions apply